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Lead Staff

Taylor Glessner
Owner &
Executive pâtissière

Timothy Myer
General Manager





Taylor Glessner was born & raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Growing up in an entrepreneurial-minded family, Taylor did not shy away from the business world. However, she realized early on that business and entrepreneurship is not a cakewalk- it takes real hard work & guts. As a creative, Taylor grew up using the resources around her to create different pieces of artwork. She loved connecting with people & communicating on a deeper level through the art she created. "I never imagined being a representative of the cookie dough world (if that even is a thing). In fact, I find it kind of hysterical. I just love people, and I love being creative. Thats all." 

Dough & CO. stemmed from her creative spirit- we hope that your taste buds enjoy this rad dessert, that also just happens to be gluten free. 


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